MG MacDougall holds a Bachelor's of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph, has worked part-time as a personal care attendant for 8 years, and has had a love of photography since her first point and shoot film camera as a child. She attended Durham College for Digital Photography and Digital Video Production from 2014-2017. She works as a Freelance Digital Media Artist as well as producing her own independent film projects, fine art photography, and print work under the name of Cat's Companion Media.

Artist Statement

I have a mind that is constantly spinning and I often see the world from a different perspective than others. Whether that is picking up on small details or imagining things in slightly more abstract ways. I create art, both written and visual, as means of expressing my perspective of things and allowing others to look at the world through my eyes.

This site hosts samples of my work in various forms. I invite you to take a look through it and see the different types of media I can create for you. If there is something in particular in photos, video, or illustrations/graphics please get in touch with me and share your idea. I enjoy the challenge of trying to captures or create the image or visual display that you require.  

My personal work is fueled by a desire to express my thoughts and ideas. Some draw inspiration from my sense of wonder at the beauty of nature and science, other works are a representation of abstract ideas in a visual form, and many are simply capturing things as I see them. I love to bring an idea in my head to life on a page or screen and can help to bring your ideas to life as well.